YugAgro Connect

YugAgro Connect is an innovative, interactive tool for improving the commercial efficiency of your trade show participation. YugAgro Connect helps the exhibitor automatically:

  • Identify your trade show booth visitors’ profiles
  • Form a visitor database
  • Mail marketing materials to your visitors
  • Conduct visitor marketing surveys
  • Assess booth managers KPI

YugAgro Connect works on the basis of actual and complete registration data, provided by visitors to the Organizer at the event registration. The information can be segmented by:

  • Goals of participation
  • Visitor's region
  • Economy Sector
  • Product interests

With YugAgro Connect help, the result of your trade show participation becomes relevant and measurable.

How does it work?

Your visitor’s badge is read by the YugAgro Connect terminal scanner – as simple as that.

This gives your trade show booth managers the essential information about your prospects: their names, companies, positions and what products they are interested in. You can immediately identify the target visitor within the crowd, identify their needs, send them advertising and information materials by email, including price lists, and negotiate a better deal.


All information is being stored in the system and is available to you online during and after a trade show in your personal account.


See an example of your collected visitor data


How can you use the data after a trade show?


  • Form the electronic database of received contacts and download it as an Excel spreadsheet

  • Segment your prospects  by product interest, company size and other indicators

  • Analyze your managers’ performance  during a trade show and after it, create "transparent" reports and plan further work of your team

  • Time is money. Do not waste it on trying to restore in your memory your prospects’ interests; don’t search their contacts, uploading them manually in your CRM and another routine, like your competitors. Be engaged in sales. YugAgro Connect will take care of the routine



What else can I get from YugAgro Connect?

  • Fast registration of visitors at your trade show booth

    You no longer need to fill out paper forms. Don’t waste your prospects’ and your managers’ time on that.  The visitor's badge is scanned, and you have all the information automatically. In addition, you will not lose electronic data like it always happens to paper forms. But most importantly - quick registration will give you more opportunities to communicate with a bigger number of potential customers at the booth without hiring additional staff

  • Saving paper and promotional materials

    Not only have you saved on registration forms, you can also provide your prospects with marketing materials and other sales helpers. Since you send them electronically, your materials for sure will not get lost.  They will always be available to your potential customers. By the way, they will additionally appreciate the convenience of this way, because they will not have to carry heavy catalogs with them during the event

  • You can easily find out what your customers are interested in

    Having received a report on your booth results, you will know exactly what excites your leads. Useful knowledge for closing deals


YugAgro Connect delivery to the trade show venue, installation and dismantling, technical support are included in the rental price. The recommended number of terminals is 1 for every 20 m2 of your booth space. Send an application now to get maximum efficiency from your participation in YugAgro and stay ahead of the competition.


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