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26-th International exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production
19-22 November 2019 • Russia, Krasnodar, Expograd Yug

YugAgro: Gateway to Krasnodar

YugAgro is Russia’s biggest and best international exhibition of agricultural equipment and crop farming machinery. It’s also gateway to Krasnodar: the most productive farming region in Russia.
YugAgro: Gateway to Krasnodar

Agricultural machinery manufacturers should be at YugAgro for many reasons: the shows’ professional visitor base; the many event sectors; but another big draw is its Krasnodar location.

Geographically, the show acts as a gateway to one of richest farming regions in the world – so let’s take a look at exactly how YugAgro facilitates farming success across Krasnodar.

Krasnodar: A farming paradise

Every year, YugAgro takes place at Expograd Yug, Krasnodar’s dedicated exhibition space. This locale essentially positions the show right at the heart of Russian agriculture. Krasnodar, and the greater Kuban region in which it sits, is a hive of agriculture, home to thousands of farms, agribusinesses, vinyards and more crop harvesting operations.
Regionally, Krasnodar is a Russian leader when it comes to agriculture. Its responsible for 76% of rice output, 25% of corn, 18% of sugar, 17% of all Russia-cultiavted vegetabls and 13% of Russia’s chief cash crop wheat.
Kuban farmers’ harvests have been bursting with bounty in recent years. Figures showed last year’s total came to around 14 million tons of produce grown regionally. This netted Krasnodar’s producers about $6.8 billion in revenue.
Russia’s policy of food import substitution is driving this provincial growth. For context, previous agriproduct suppliers, namely the EU and US, are banned from exporting fruits, vegetables, and other crops, to Russia. Domestic producers instead are now filling supply gaps created by the import embargo.
For more information on what and what isn’t grown in Krasnodar, download our free guide to the region today.

Krasnodar is a strong market for agricultural machinery

With over 800,000 farming complexes located in Krasnodar and in the Kuban, including privately-run farms, grain company owned acreages and large agroholdings, it’s a major hub for machinery.
Farmers in Krasnodar purchase around 4,000 new units of machinery and equipment every year.
When it comes to further investment, cash flows are starting to grow. Billion in loans have been offered to Krasnodar farmers in recent years – and subsidies for equipment purchasing are expected to continue until at least 2020.
2020 is Russia’s agricultural self-sufficiency target. By then, it hopes to completely eliminate food and drink imports.
In 2017, for instance, Krasnodar was granted $313.7 million in investment. Of this total, $223.8m was spent specifically on replacing machinery, or renovating it with modern parts.
Let’s look at the volume of machinery in use in Krasnodar. According to Deputy Regional Head Andrei Korobki, about 40,000 agricultural machinery units will be deployed for the 2018 summer harvest.
This includes:
• 11,000 tractors
• 7,500 ploughs and cultivators
• 7,200 grain harvesters
• 1,400 grain-cleaning stations
However impressive those numbers look, they do not tell the entire story. Farming equipment in Krasnodar is on the whole out of date or obsolescence. In order to keep reaching their government-mandated production goals, regional farming professionals must invest in replacing and/or renovating their existing equipment pools.

YugAgro: Russia’s home of agricultural machinery

YugAgro facilitates this by presenting the largest and deepest range of agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies found in Russia. 
Products from farming machinery pioneers are on show across four categories: 
• Agricultural machinery & spare parts
• Crop processing and storage equipment
• Agrochemicals & seeds
• Irrigation & greenhouse equipment
For exhibitors, YugAgro’s appeal is obvious. It provides the ideal platform to get their latest solutions and developments seen by a huge professional audience. In 2017, for instance, the 16,990 visitors came to the show – a 7% increase in visit numbers.
They don’t come from just Krasnodar. Over 50% of visitors come from Russia’s other major agrarian provinces, as well as the CIS and further afield.
Russia’s farmers collectively control $1.2 billion in machinery purchasing power. YugAgro lets exhibitors get face-to-face contact with agriculture’s chief buyers.
YugAgro visitors get brilliant benefits too. It’s the only place to find the latest developments in agricultural equipment and its manufacturers in one place, at one time. This means they’re able to find the products they want to see, meet their producers, and start making orders immediately.

Join as at the YugAgro international exhibition of agricultural equipment and crop farming machinery

Why not experience all the show has to offer for yourself? Join us as an exhibitor or a visitor to enjoy a huge professional audience, an international presence, and more opportunities to grow your business throughout Russia’s huge agriculture sector.