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26-th International exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production
19-22 November 2019 • Russia, Krasnodar, Expograd Yug

Krasnodar leads the way in Russian greenhouse construction

Greenhouse equipment and technology is one of the hottest sections at the international YugAgro agricultural machinery and crop farming exhibition. Why? Because Russia is experiencing a boom in houthouse farming right now.
Krasnodar leads the way in Russian greenhouse construction

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than Krasnodar.
Krasnodar itself already Russia’s most productive agricultural province. 
Every year, its farmers cultivate millions of tons of produce. Now, thanks to higher regional investment, the regions is quickly becoming the home of greenhouse constriction in Russia.

Krasnodar is Russia’s greenhouse farming leader

Regionally, Krasnodar is home to more greenhouse farms and projects than any other Russian province. Over 88,000 tons of produce is grown in such conditions there each year. The bulk of Russia’s greenhouse crop comes from Krasnodar and the surrounding Kuban region.
Using such facilities for plant and crop production gives Russian farmers a more competitive edge, in domestic and international food supplies. 
Imports of fruit and vegetables from certain destinations, namely the EU and US are still embargo. A policy of import substitution of key foodstuffs – especially fruit and veg – is being pursued across Russia.
Greenhouses may hold the key for this self-sufficiency. No more do products like cucumbers, tomatoes, and more exotic fare, have to travel from overseas.
“It is unambiguous that consumers prefer to see local products on tables,” Krasnodar’s Deputy Governor Andrey Korobka told Tass. “Today, Kuban is ahead of other regions in the production of greenhouse vegetables.”
Effectively all farming operations, from large scale agribusinesses to private farms, throughout the Kuban are utilising greenhouses. Not only does this help the nation meet its mandated self-sufficiency goals, it also provides Krasnodar and its citizens with an abundance of fresh, quality foodstuffs.
Through sustained, significant investment in greenhouse complexes, Russia is aiming at becoming a year-round agricultural producer. By chasing such a goal, it’s hoped Russia will be able to drop or completely eliminate imports of certain vegetable varieties.

10% of Russian greenhouse acreages found in Krasnodar

While there currently is an onus to get production sites up and running in harsher regions of Russia, such as the Far East or Arctic circles, Krasnodar still leads the way when it comes to intense crop farming.
Currently, the total volume of acreage towards of greenhouse farms in Krasnodar stands at around 210 hectares. This is roughly 10% of all such acreages in Russia at present.
Russian news service TASS reported in January that this would be increased by 6.5% in 2018, with the addition of two new facilities in the Pavlovsk and Krasnoarmeisk districts.
Further future projects are coming too, providing long-term investment potential for foreign technology suppliers to take advantage of.

Krasnodar offers big opportunities for international suppliers of greenhouse tech

With government support comes increased opportunities for foreign manufacturers of hothouse equipment and technology. Italian, Israeli, and Dutch companies have already seen their products used at major projects.
And the projects are definitely major. The government supplied over $5 million in subsidies for project leads in 2017, but this doesn’t really reflect the significant spending undertaken by private firms across the past decade.
Magnit is one major investor in hothouse projects. The company itself is one of Russia’s largest supermarkets. In the wake of the government embargo on foreign produce, Magnit turned to expanding its own company-owned farms to shore up vegetable supplies.
That’s why it has spent over $600 million on greenhouse construction in Krasnodar alone. The company teamed up with the Netherlands’ Certhon to outfit Russia’s largest complex – a 40-hectare facility in Krasnodar – and has worked with the Dutch company since on its major building works.
Magnit is planning to add another Krasnodar-site to its farm network by 2020, at a cost of another $630 million.
Future, non-Magnit projects are in the pipeline. These include projects across the Kuban, such as two developments in the Kushchovskaya district worth over $285m.
We can look to the past to see the project value of greenhouses in Krasnodar, demonstrating the business opportunities available to canny investors. In 2014, for instance, Ultraclima technology from Dutch suppliers Kubo was installed at a 32-hectare, $315 site in Krasnodar’s Belorechensky district.
Millions of dollars are being poured into Krasnodar. Hothouses are one of the biggest recipients of this cash. The opportunities for international greenhouse technology and equipment are there – and the international agricultural machinery and crop farming exhibition YugAgro provides the platform to meet the players behind them.

Join as at YugAgro: Russia’s international agricultural machinery and crop farming equipment exhibition

YugAgro is the largest international agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition. It is Russian agriculture’s meeting place – and the place to meet Russia’s top buyers.
From private farmers to heads of major agroholdings, YugAgro puts exhibiting companies directly in touch with the buyers who matter most.
What’s more, the exhibition is the only event of its kind in Russia’s chief agrarian province of Krasnodar, placing machinery and equipment suppliers directly in the heart Russian agriculture.
What’s more, the exhibition is the only event of its kind in Russia’s chief agrarian province of Krasnodar, placing machinery and equipment suppliers directly in the heart Russian agriculture.
To get more information on the show, please feel free to contact our team with any questions or queries you have.