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26-th International exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production
19-22 November 2019 • Russia, Krasnodar, Expograd Yug

Rivulis Unveils the World’s First Drip Line & Tape with Insect Repelling Properties at YugAgro2018

Be a part of history as the company premiers Rivulis X-Pell, its revolutionary, patent pending drip line and tape with insect repelling properties this November in Russia.
Rivulis Unveils the World’s First Drip Line & Tape with Insect Repelling Properties at YugAgro2018

Rivulis, a global micro irrigation solutions innovator and the pioneer of micro irrigation product innovation including T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D1000, D5000 PC and Eurodrip Compact, will launch Rivulis X-Pell, the first and only drip line and drip tape with patent pending technology that has been proven effective to repel most insects, at this year’s YugAgro show. 

One of the biggest global challenges facing today’s farmers is insect damage to their thin wall drip line/tape. Just a few bites from insects can wreak havoc on a field, leading to the flooding of hundreds of hectares, destruction of crops and days of manual labor to repair.
"The Rivulis X-Pell patent-pending technology goes to the core of the drip line/tape, blending the minimum amount of repellent needed directly into the plastic structure to protect the drip line/tape from insect damage, from the inside out," says Richard Klapholz, Rivulis CEO.  "We dedicated years of research and development to identify an effective and accessible way to solve this wide spread threat to farmers everywhere."
Rivulis is committed to field-tested innovation and has completed many successful field studies of Rivulis X-Pell around the world, including Russia.
“We chose the YugAgro show in Russia for the Rivulis X-Pell worldwide debut because Russia is a strategic country for the company with one of largest thin wall drip line markets in the world,” says Vassilis Kykrilis, General Manager of Rivulis’ Eastern Europe & Middle East Business Unit. “And Russia’s farmers know all too well the damage insects can cause to their drip line and tape and ultimately to their fields.”
Rivulis X-Pell is proven effective in preventing insect damage to drip line/tape and:

  • Reduces  field damage, yield loss, and labor intensive and time consuming repairs that are caused by insect damage to drip line/tape
  • Saves money by using lower wall thickness drip line/tape
  • Is Safe. Reliable. Recyclable

 “Peace of Mind! That is what I have with Rivulis X-Pell. Even using 6 mil drip line, we had no insect damage at all! The savings are real. We normally need 2 – 3 workers per 10 hectares to maintain our drip system. With X-Pellwe only need 1 person. That’s over 50% labor saving just by using X-Pell.”
Aton Gladkih, Carrot Farmer, Volgograd, Russia.

Rivulis X-Pell is available in Rivulis T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D900, D1000 and Eurodrip Compact.  Rivulis X-Pellis currently available in Russia and will be made globally available throughout the rest of 2018 and into early 2019. Contact a Rivulis representative to learn more about product availability in your location.

Come visit the Rivulis Eurodrip booth at YugAgro Nov 20 - Nov 23 and be one of the first to see this trailblazing solution and hear from our micro irrigation experts, including Rivulis Head of Product Innovation and Engineering: Tomer Katzir.

About Rivulis:  Rivulis is a global micro irrigation solutions innovator offering the broadest portfolio in the market featuring the industry’s most recognized product brands, including T-Tape, Ro-Drip, Hydrogol, D5000 PC, Eolos, Eolos Compact and Supertif and a comprehensive range of services. Rivulis is dedicated to leading the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally by increasing accessibility to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable and smart technology for a more sustainable future for all.

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