International exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production
20 - 23 November 2018 • Russia, Krasnodar, Expograd Yug


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Russian greenhouse construction boom

Yes, Russia is a huge country and a massive agricultural producer. But did you know just 13% of its total land mass is suitable for farming? With fruit and vegetables ranking highly on the nation’s import substation list, getting access to key commodities is tricky. After all, you can’t just grow anything in Russia, can you?


Russian agriculture update: industry strong but needs modernisation

In 2016 Russian sales of agricultural products outstripped sales of arms for the first time since the Soviet Era. Bullish in the face of ongoing sanctions, Russia’s farmers are growing more – aiming to achieve food security by a looming 2020 deadline. Yet, the need to modernise hangs heavy over the industry, leading to opportunities for equipment companies to enter the market.


5 Russian food projects that need modern technologies

Russia is experiencing a period of confidence in its food industry. Government-set self-sufficiency targets has led to production rises of some key commodities. With foodstuff import substitution as a growing trend, there are other ways international companies can make a break in Russia. Namely, by outfitting agricultural and food production projects with world-class technologies.


Ser.mac will present new projects and solutions for agro-industry

Today Ser.mac is a highly internationalized company specialized in designing and manufacturing solutions specifically dedicated to each type of fruit/vegetable and suitable for every need of packing houses processing these products. Its technologies have achieved excellent results in terms of automation, gentleness in fruit handling , versatility, rapid amortization, low maintenance costs and long term guarantee for producers in terms of concrete quality.

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