21040, Italy, Uboldo, Via A.M. Ceriani 96
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+39 (02) 961711; +39 (02) 961711
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About company
ADR Spa, leader in the production of axles, stub-axles and suspensions. The axle range rises to 35T carrying capacity and includes fixed/steering axles with drum/disk brakes. The range of suspensions include mechanical multileaf/parabolic suspensions built in tandem, trindem and bogie. ADR compliments the range of products by offering hydraulic and pneumatic suspensions. ADR produces a special line of stub axles and hubs for the soil tillage, studied to guarantee a perfect holding and long life with low maintenance. ADR’s team of engineers study and develop new and tailor-made products to meet the needs of customers and final-users. 5.000 sqmt of R&D laboratory, more than 30 testing machines assure the quality and the reliability of the products on the market. The production facilities are organized with the “lean philosophy” to guarantee timely deliveries and good service. ADR cares about their customers and gives them a good back up assistance and quick deliveries for spare parts.